Top 3 REITS I Bought in 2021 | Passive Income Investing

Now in today's video we are looking at REITs I hope you enjoy the video and any questions let me know! 📌 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) are some of the best companies when looking to protect yourself during volatile market conditions. Do you own any REITS? 📌 #O is a triple net lease REIT that focuses of properties with every day use like gas stations, important retail stores, mechanics, restaurants, and many others. They have increased their dividend for 25 years and pay out monthly. 📌 #VICI is also a triple net lease REIT but this one focuses on casino & experiential properties. They own very expensive and hard to replace real estate in Las Vegas and other prominent gambling areas. 📌 #MPW is a REIT that focuses on hospitals. They are one of the largest hospital bed owners in the country and they are spreading rapidly through Europe as well. 📈MY LINKS📈 BEST STOCK MARKET COURSE: BEST MERCH Best Money Blog: Follow me On IG: 💸STOCK BROKERS💸 M1 FINANCE Get Your FREE $10: Free Robinhood Stock:


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