I Just Bought $10,000 Worth of Visa Stock (Here's Why)

Now in today's video, we are looking at Visa Stock! I hope you enjoy the video and any questions let me know! What is Visa? 🔷Visa is a dominant FinTech company that is the leader in the digital payment space. 🔷$0.43 out of every $1 spent online goes through Visa, and the number of online transactions is increasing rapidly. 📈MY LINKS📈 BEST STOCK MARKET COURSE: https://carterfarrschool.com/p/investingcourse BEST MERCH https://carter-farr-merch.myteespring.co/ Best Money Blog: https://www.moneywithcarter.com/ Follow me On IG: https://www.instagram.com/investingwithcarter/ 💸STOCK BROKERS💸 M1 FINANCE Get Your FREE $10: https://m1.finance/CW4wpiZWadY1 Free Robinhood Stock: https://join.robinhood.com/carterf40


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