Will The Stock Market Crash in 2021?

In today’s video, we are going to be looking at is the stock market likely to crash in 2021. 2020 has been a crazy year with a lot of volatility in the stock market, will that volatility carry over into the next year?.  I hope you guys enjoy the episode and if you get anything in value hit that like button and subscribe to the channel.

Now in late March, the stock market fell over 46% in value from a high. Now from that amazing sell-off that brought a lot of opportunities to buy stocks that felt extremely undervalued.  and I honestly do think that the stock market will probably have a correction in 2020 but not a crash. A correction happens about once or twice a year oh, this is when the stock market falls around 4 to 6% from the highs this is an extremely common thing to see. 

Personally, I would love to see another market crash because I don't plan on selling my stock anytime soon and I am a long-term investor in the market. So if the stocks fall undervalued that is a perfect time to buy more stock at an affordable price. 

What is the best strategy for investing in the stock market?

I'm a huge believer in dollar-cost averaging for long-term Investments. This is when you invest $100 maybe more into the stock market every single week and no matter what the price is you buy shares. what does disease you get a good average price for your positions for the stock markets going up or down.

Key things to know about a stock market crash

 1) You don't lose money unless you sell

 2) This brings an opportunity

 3) The stock market has always recovered

4) Trust the process



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