Should You BUY American Airlines Stock? American Airlines Analysis

Now in today's episode, we are looking at American Airlines ticker symbol AAL. Over the past year, Airline stocks have gone down over 50% in value, a lot of people would like to say there is an opportunity to make a lot of money off Airline stock. I won't be answering the question should you buy American Airlines stock?

American Airlines Fundamentals 

American Airlines is around 30 billion dollars in debt. It's very common for companies to take on long-term debt to grow the business or to get through a hard time. When a company has a lot of long-term debt and not a lot of cash on hand that is something to be worried about.  also American Airlines was losing billions of dollars before the crash and this just made the company worse.  American Airlines has a negative 25% margin which is terrible,  this means for every hundred dollars they bring in they actually lose $25. 

American Airlines Technical Analysis

Support at $8

Resistance at $14

The stock has a downward trend in price, this means sellers are in control of the stock.

 I think American Airlines doesn't have a ton of long-term potential and there is better opportunity elsewhere in the market.


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