The Stock Market is about to CRASH (Correction Coming)

Wall Street hasn't mirrored that fact at all in recent months, with the S&P 500 rallying nearly 50% from its March 23 lows through today. After the market's record-setting 11-year bull run ended in the blink of an eye in March, a new rally sprang up almost immediately. But has the rebound been too jubilant? Will the stock market crash again? Stock Market Scanner: BEST STOCK MARKET COURSE $5: Here's a brief look into five risks that could possibly threaten 2020's stock market gains. 1) A "second wave" of the virus. 2) Prolonged labor market weakness. 3) Inadequate stimulus. 4) Market dynamics: high valuations and heavy concentration. 5) Political uncertainty. Get Your FREE $10: Best Money Blog: Join the team FREE: Like Facebook Page: The Carter Farr Show:


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