Should you BUY APPLE STOCK (AAPL)? Apple Stock Review

Why I love Apple Stock (AAPL)? 1) Apple is in one of the top growing sectors TECH! But the thing is they keep growing in other sectors like digital payment, fitness and maybe electric auto tech. 2) Apple has over $193 Billion in cash! This is so much much money! This is a great thing for investors because if revenue or company slows they can use the cash to grow it! 3) Apple has GREAT MARGINS of 21% 4) Apple stock (AAPL) pays a good dividend of just under 1%. Honestly this is good because you will get cash flow! Cashflow is KING! 5) Has out preformed all major indexes Apple may be a little overvalued but still has a ton of long term potential! If you invest in AAPL, invest for the long term! Fair Price: $116 Buy Zone: $109 Get Your FREE $10:


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