Top Disruptive GROWTH STOCKS (100% ROI)

This blog we're going to be looking at the top disruptive growth stocks. All these stocks are going to be front-runners in their sector and have a huge ROI potential. If you have any questions then in the comments!

STOCK MARKET INVESTING COURSE: 50% OFF CODE: STOCKS All these stocks are going to be high growth stocks. These stocks have a very high-risk high-reward possibility. I always recommend having a nice solid base of ETFs or bonds to act as your defense in your portfolio. But with that being said the rewards for these could be astronomical.

Top Growth Stocks

1) TESLA (TSLA) 5 Year Growth: 620%

2) Lemonade Insurance (LMND) 3 Month Growth: 59%

3) Beyond Meat (BYND) 5 Year Growth: 102%

4) Zillow (ZG) 5 Year Growth: 211%

5) Square (SQ) 5 Five Year Growth: 1100%!! (OMG)

6) Shopify (SHOP) 5 Year Growth 3,500% OMG!! THATS CRAZY!


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