Why I am Leaving TD Ameritrade for Dividend Investing?

In today's blog we're going to be looking at why I am leaving TD Ameritrade and moving to M1 Finance for my dividend broker's account. I hope you all enjoyed this episode and if you have any questions let me know and I will get back to you guys. 

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Now one of the main reasons why I am leaving TD Ameritrade is because of how easy M1 Finance makes it to diversify your account. With dividend investing it's all about conserving your money while getting income with your dividends. I love how M1 Finance has pie investing over regular investing. This makes it a lot easier to actually choose your stock and your bonds and ETFs.

The drawbacks of M1 Finance are the charts. I think the charts could be better. Also you cannot trade on this account because most of the time they are buying fraction shares instead of full shares so they have trade hours. 

I'm going to continue to use my TD Ameritrade account for swing Trading and a little day trading. Overall both of these are fantastic Brokers and I would highly recommend them. 

I think everybody should have a broker that meets their goals. If your goal is to day trade you should have a broker that is more in tune with day trading like lightspeed.  I think TD Ameritrade acts as a very good swing trading broker.  and I think I'm One Finance acts as the best dividend broker for now. 


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