Top 3 Undervalued Growth Stocks For 2020

Top 3 Undervalued stocks

1) Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat reported 2019 revenue of $298 million, up 239% from 2018. In late February, it guided for $490 million to $510 million in revenue for 2020 -- good for 64% to 71% growth year over year. Since restaurant sales are slumping, conventional wisdom says to throw Beyond Meat's guidance -- and stock -- out the window.

Uber is going to kill the food delivery service, buying out post mates and Grub hub. Also the stock is undervalued and has some long term potential.

3) Zoom Video
With people only getting more dependent for online services, also with companies and school working from home, ZM should do pretty well.

Understand all of these stocks carry risk and its super important to have a nice base of index funds and etfs, before investing in these stocks.


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