Top Long Term Stocks to Buy in 2020

The Top Stocks to Buy for Long Term

1) Tesla (TSLA)
Tesla has the potential to change the world with long-range EV technology, AV technology, and battery technology that can store solar energy that its
products generate.

The cost advantage of recharging over gasoline is significant, and gas will probably never be able to catch up. Furthermore, the instant torque of EVs
makes them fun to drive, as the vehicle is always at full power.

Its unique Supercharger network makes Tesla the only automaker directly trying to alleviate the rangeanxiety of buying an EV.

2) Amzon (AMZN)
Amazon dominates North America's online retail category with estimated gross merchandise volume (GMV) of approximately $275 billion in the region
during 2019.

With more than half of the world's Internet users coming from developing markets, Amazon has ample international growth opportunities for its marketplaces, cloud services, advertising, and devices.

Amazon's device portfolio--including Kindle, Fire TV, Dash, Echo, and other Alexa-enabled products-- are intriguing customer acquisition/retention tools
that also promote Prime member engagement and AWS services.

3) Facebook (FB)
With more users and usage time than any other social network, Facebook provides the largest audience and the most valuable data for social
network online advertising.

Facebook’s ad revenue per user is growing, demonstrating the value that advertisers see in working with the firm.

4) Beyond Meat (BYND)
Plant-based meats (PBM) should continue to grow rapidly as the products gain additional share from the traditional ground meat category.

Beyond Meat should be a major beneficiary of PBM growth, given its first-mover advantage, and the brand’s strong performance in taste tests.

5) Amd (AMD)
AMD's recent CPU and GPU offerings have been more competitive with Intel and Nvidia's products, respectively, and will be on TSMC's 7-nanometer
process technology in 2019.

AMD's GPUs are highly sought after in cryptocurrency mining. Should blockchain technology take off, AMD could be well positioned to take


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