Top 10 Stocks to Buy in 2020

High Risk Set a very first thought that is very high risk is Boeing, Boeing is in a very risky place due to the Airlines being shut down and people aren't going on airplanes in manufacturing of the new airplane is cause to have issues. Carnival Cruise is another risky stock that has very high potential right now all cruise lines have been halted. I do think once everything comes back to normal this is going to be a stock that bounces back up. Wynn Resort is very similar to all the other Resorts out there. Resorts have been closed, once they open up this is going to be a stock that bounces back up and they do pay a nice dividend. Medium risk JPMorgan Chase is a medium rest stop due to Dan being a bank things have been known to be hurt pretty bad during Market crashes. Also people aren't going out and getting loans, car loans or anything else. Chase does have a lot of cash on hand so I do think they're going to be around long term. Twitter's another very risky stock. I do see a future for them but there's going to be some ups and downs before we see some new highs. Costco is a great company to have. I would consider this a medium rest because their stores have been in the front lines. Costco has outperformed the S&P 500 and they do pay a better dividend. I am. Low-Risk Amazon is considered a low risk just because people are still buying stuff online and their stock is hitting all-time highs. I wish Amazon did pay a dividend that would make me buy it faster. Walmart hasn't closed any stores and the stock has been undervalued. In my personal opinion the only thing I don't like about this stock is the CEOs are pretty greedy. Buy as many index funds as you can right now when they're affordable because before you know it they're going to be back at all time highs. List of all the stocks HIGH RISK -BOEING -CARNIVAL CRUISE -WYNN MEDIUM RISK -CHASE BANK -TWITTER -COST lOW RISK -AMAZON -WALMART -INDEX FUNDS


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