Should You Buy Disney (DIS) Stock at $100?

The parks and resorts segment has rebounded strongly from the recession, and the opening of Disney land Shanghai should provide additional momentum. The addition of the Star Wars franchise broadens the demographics that the company can address. Additionally, Disney's strong distribution and merchandising capabilities should help to speed the monetization of the Lucas film acquisition. Although making movies is a hit-or-miss business, Disney's large library of content with popular franchises and characters reduces this volatility over time. Also Disney cut their dividend to save cash, that makes sense I still the company is strong and it will take some time to recover. Also they missed their earnings by around 58%, that made the stock fall under $100.
Fun fact : If you invested 1000 in Disney at the IPO

You would have over $660,000 because of the 6 stock splits.
Disney plus shows promise with over 50 million subscribers and its another source of income for Disney. They are one of the largest competitors with Netflix. My Rating: Buy under $100


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