How to Buy Tesla Stock (TSLA) for $30

In today's video we are looking how to buy Tesla (TSLA) stock for $30. I hope you enjoy the video. Follow me on IG:

You might be asking how can I buy Tesla stock for $30 when its over 800$ per share, well you need to understand ETFs, this means you get 10% of tesla stock when you buy one share of CARZ etf.

CARZ is not a broad, global automobile industry fund, but rather a global automakers fund. In another word, it has big stakes in the brand-name companies that manufacture the cars you see on the road—Toyota, Daimler, etc.—but no positions in the upstream part suppliers and accessory manufacturers. Nearly 80% of the fund is allocated to American, German, and Japanese automakers. CARZ charges 70 bps for this exposure, but the strategy still appeals to some: CARZ hosts more than $30M in assets under management. Whether because of liquidity screens or classification issues, there's no Tata motors in this portfolio; the fund is light on emerging markets in general. CARZ is a good choice for investors with conviction in this specific slice of the market, but its high holding costs and wide spreads are not to be ignored.

Best Holdings from CARZ
]Tesla Inc 10.57%
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 8.65%
Toyota Motor Corp.8.15%
Volkswagen AG Pref 8.13%
General Motors Company 7.84%
Number of Holdings 33

Dividend Yield: 4.53%

Full CARZ Report:


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