How to Find Dividend Stocks 2020

Finding the right dividend stocks in 90% of dividend investing. When I scan for dividend stocks I look for: 1) Stock with an uptrend (the trend is your friend)
2) 10+ years of dividend payouts 3) Increasing dividend s over the past 3 years There are many websites that offer awesome dividend scanner, but I use it is very easy to use, and it's FREE! Don't spend money to find stocks, spend money on dividend stocks. Key tips for dividend investing: 1) Avoid buying stocks based solely on the highest yield. A company that boasts a significantly higher yield than its peers may signal trouble. 2) Use the payout and cash payout ratios to measure a dividend's sustainability. 3) Use a company's dividend history as a guide. Study the balance sheet, including debt, cash, and other assets and liabilities. 4) Consider the business and industry itself. Is the company at risk from competitors or weak demand?


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