Costco Stock Review 2020

Costco is a GREAT company and during this market volatility, Costco (COST) has not fallen but kinda done pretty well.

Now the reason why I LOVE COST stock:
1) Increased dividend of 8%
2) Great growth
3) Done well in recession
4) Costco membership keeps rising
5) Costco sales keep rising

Costco has a very solid brand

Costco has shown that its business model allows it to adapt as the market changes. It does not need to innovate. The chain can look at what customers want and slowly add services and/or products as needed.

Having a loyal membership base fuels the entire business, and it gives Costco the freedom to put its money mostly into keeping prices low and rewarding shareholders. That's
a recipe for long-term success that seems stable and sustainable.


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